Training for human rights professionals during the COVID pandemic

In Kazakhstan, people living with HIV and key populations face serious difficulties in obtaining resource assistance from the state. A number of regulations in the country provide access to healthcare guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to hold face-to-face meetings to train future human rights professionals, although the need remains urgent.

Online support for PLHIV community

Online support for PLHIV community “On our online support group, we are now at sezon 4 and we had a lot of guests from different arias!” Bogdan Istrate Semper Musica Association, Румыния During the COVID-pandemic we faced few serious points that we responded through actions and initiatives: Problem: the fear of the PLHIV to go to […]

«Let’s not forget the other epidemics too!»

Despite the fact COVID-19 has preoccupied our lives for the past 2 years, we must not forget to live within, and outside of this bubble! This may mean continuing to live our lives, while having access to all possible safety options.