About the Initiative

Regional online initiative Remember & Act – it’s in your power for the World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims (May 17th 2020)

During a pandemic and total isolation, it is important to demonstrate the strength of the communities in the region. The ability to effectively interact with partners to solve any emergency and create sustainability of vital services, including the outbreak of COVID-19 and the ongoing HIV pandemic, is the key to development and success.

Key populations and people living with HIV have shown their ability to self-organize, quickly and efficiently solve vital issues, and work effectively with the state. During the pandemic, the lock down rallied the world community, activists and doctors more and more: patents are revoked, personal protective supplies for doctors and lung ventilators are quickly procured, mobile teams for medications delivery between and within countries are organized.

You can see how the sustainability of services is created, and who creates it, on our online map of the region.

Initiators: Alliance for Public Health, UNAIDS, Central Asian Association of PLHIV (CAPLA).

Funded by: #SoS_project, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Support in Central Asia: #ЛидерЛЖВ, USAID

Infocampaign Coordinator:

Inna Gavrylova

Alliance for Public Health